Bear Creek Festival at North Mountain Park
North Mountain Park
North Mountain Park
Photo  Aleia Fletcher
North Mountain Park

Zero Waste Event

The Bear Creek Salmon Festival is dedicated to hosting a Zero Waste event. We are committed to reducing the event-waste that ends up in the landfill, by asking our exhibitors to limit paper handouts and disposable goods.

We also collaborate with our food vendor, Recology Ashland, the Jackson County Master Recyclers and the "Lend-me-a-Plate" program to provide resuable food containers and utensils that are washed by our team of volunteers throughout the event.

Please consider bringing your own cup or refillable water bottle and take-home food containers. Be sure to visit the Recycling Area near the food concession trailer. By reducing the trash we generate, we can help make a healthier environment for salmon and others.

Special thanks all of our participants, who share our devotion to waste reduction and sustainability!

Bear Creek Salmon Festival Zero Waste Demonstration